L E C T I O  R E S O U R C E S

In Prepare for Life we have been learning about the importance of hearing from the Lord --- not just giving Him our laundry list of prayer requests, but taking the time to listen to what He wants to say to us.  

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time settling down to hear from Him when I have so many things on my to do list! When I try to read the Bible in a meditative way it is hard for me to get into the listening mode and hear the Lord speaking to me because all I can hear is my own voice racing through the Scriptures! 

Let’s try something together!  

I invite you to join me a few minutes to dial it down, take a deep breath and listen to what the Lord is saying through a reading from the Scriptures.  As we settle down, you will shift into the receptive mode listening for the Lord to give you a rhema word click here for more about a rhema word from His written word.  As I read a short passage several times through we will pray for you to receive a specific word from the Lord. He will meet you in a personal way with just what you need.  The Lord will encourage, strengthen and challenge you from His living Word and give you an invitation for how to apply that word to your life for the following week.

Video of Kathy speaking about Lectio Divina.

Lectio Divina word.jpg

We will use Lectio Divina, a divine reading prayer exercise, to assist us in receiving a word from the Lord.  (To learn more watch the short videos below)

We have an outline of simple steps below that you can follow either by yourself or with a small group. Download the simple steps PDF here.

We will provide a weekly audio lectio divina for you each week Monday throughout December.


Simple Steps

Prayer Exercise
(You will find scriptures below for this week.)

First Reading

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the verse or passage.  While reading the passage the first time, let the words wash over you.

Second Reading

Ask the Lord to highlight a word or phrase from the Scripture that He wants you to consider.  Read the same passage a second time, Take some time to meditate on the passage. Once you receive a word or phrase, write it down or share it with your group.

Third Reading

Ask the Lord for more amplification and insight concerning your word or phrase you just received.  As you consider the passage a third time, wait on the Lord.  He may give you a picture in your minds eye, or some sensory perception, or He may bring up a memory or a recent thought. He is creative, so just trust that He has more for you. After several moments of waiting on Him, either write down what you received or share with your group.

Fourth Reading

As you hear/read the passage for the fourth time, ask the Lord for an invitation of how to apply this word to your life this week.  Is there specific direction?  Is there some action the Lord is calling you to take or some specific situation to which this word applies?  How will you carry this word into your life this week?  Write down your invitation or share it with your group.

Finish this exercise with prayer and thanksgiving in regards to your word(s).  Pray about how you will apply this word to your life this week. If you received a rhema word from the Lord be sure to write it down in your journal.  You want to claim it, stand on it, believe it, and rest your faith on it!

Feel free to invite a friend or small group to join you during this time.