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Over the next 10 weeks (Mar 11 - May 13) our focus is going to be on healing prayer.

To learn more check out the latest blog, “Introduction to Healing Prayer”

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There are many types of healing. As human beings, we are made up of our body, our soul, our mind and our spirit. Sometimes we focus on certain parts of ourselves, but neglect other parts that are vital to us becoming truly whole. We may deal with physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual healing. In this series, we’re going to focus primarily on emotional healing, many call it “inner healing.” This is not about digging up things from the past and turning over every rock to find out what’s wrong with us. It’s not a “self absorbed prayer time”, but a time to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to the places that He wants us to deal with and allow Him to heal in order for us to be made whole.

Usually in my experience of praying for people, it is a wound from our past that has affect on us present day. Some wounds are buried deep, some known and others are unknown. Healing prayer is the act of asking Jesus to take us to memories of our past and heal them so they no longer impact our daily lives in negative ways. Healing prayer is taking time to listen to the Holy Spirit for direction and responding to what we hear Him say to us in the deepest places of our soul.

Each week will jump into a new topic relating to healing. For example, Forgiveness, Rejection, Inner Vows and more.

God desires to heal and transform us all.

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We are created with emotions. Many of us have been taught that our emotions are bad and that they should not be acknowledged. Emotions are real. If we shove them down or try to pretend they do not exist, we’ll find ourselves felling like a volcano ready to erupt. Here’s the good news…. we can take our emotional pain to the Lord. You can go directly to God with your pain. He has the answers you are seeking. He has the healing you are looking for. He wants to set us free.

As always we center our thoughts on the truth of God’s word and pray that He guards our hearts and minds as we allow Him access to the deepest parts of ourselves. Below is an example in scripture of Peter and the merits of inner healing.



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