What happens when we come face to face with the living Christ?  

  • Ask Jarius.  He encountered Jesus face to face and received his precious daughter back from the dead.
  • Ask the woman who had a serious health issue --- she crossed paths with Jesus and received healing and wholeness after years of disease and defilement.
  • Ask the woman who happened to meet Jesus at a well one day --- for the first time in her life she knew she was understood, accepted and loved.  Because of that encounter, her whole life was changed forevermore.
  • Ask Zaccheus who literally went out on a limb to see Jesus.  His world was turned upside down when he gladly received Him. His priorities changed and his life took on new meaning and purpose.

In this 8 lesson study we will look at several examples of men and women whose paths crossed with Jesus and how they were profoundly changed. We are going to discover that Jesus surprises us with His acceptance, honor and healing power when we encounter the Living Christ face to face.



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