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Kathy Phillips and Anne Andras invite you to join us for an exciting study as we take God’s truth from the pages of Scripture to the pavement of our lives.  In our time together we will:

  • Intentionally draw nearer to the heart of God. 
  • Overcome the obstacles that keep us from Him. 
  • Move our faith out of our heads into our lives.
  • Deepen our communion with the Lord.

This study is for you if you are hungering for more in your walk with the Lord, if you have given up on more, or if you are wondering if there even is more.

Each time we meet we will delve into God’s Word then apply what we have learned with practical exercises. You will receive an email weekly with questions for reflection that will help wrap up the lesson. 

Below you will find each week's lesson video and audio. You can download directly to your desktop or watch on any mobile device.

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DOWNLOADS: Access each individual lesson study guide, video and audio download by clicking below.