The Lies We Believe

The lies we believe deeply affect us.  In last week’s podcast I told you about the lie that I had believed since the day I was born when I was badly burned.  I believed the lie that I was rejected. I can look back now and see how that lie influenced and shaped the way I lived. For years I didn’t know I was living out of that lie, because it felt like the truth!  That is the power of deception.

How do we get these lies?  When we experience a traumatic event, especially when we are very young and our spirits are unguarded, the enemy of our souls (who does not play fair) plants a lie in our hearts.  The lie matches or makes sense of the trauma/injury.  In my case I was badly burned within minutes of being born.  The lie I received was that I had been rejected.  Do you see how the lie matched the trauma?

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