Walking in the Spirit

Recently I read a health newsletter about proper nutrition and exercise.  It was chocked full of practical information about vitamins and supplements, tips on eating and exercise, q and a’s that were very helpful.  But what if all I do is read the newsletter and don’t apply any of its great instruction to my life?  Is all this information doing me any good?


In the same way, how do we become mighty in the Spirit of God?  Is there a stack of must-read books?  An accredited course we need to take?  Is there a certain pod cast we must to listen to or a particular church that will give us the proper credentials?  What will make us mighty in the Spirit in God’s eyes? 

Don’t get me wrong; I love to read books about the Spirit of God!   But just as the case with my health newsletter, there is more to becoming mighty in the Spirit than simply gaining information. We must put that information into practice in our daily lives; live it out. Or as Paul says in Galatians, “walk it out.” 

When I talk about becoming mighty in the Spirit, I am talking about something that is within all of our reach. Not all of us are called to do mighty exploits for the Lord.  Not all of us will operate in the spiritual gifts of healing or the prophetic --- although I love to see those gifts on display!--- but all of us are called to become mighty in the Spirit. The way to becoming mighty in the Spirit is by simply walking with Him day by day. 

Amos asks a great question. “How can two men walk together unless they are in agreement?”  If we want to walk with someone we have to agree on the path we are taking and the destination of our journey, otherwise our paths will diverge.  When we walk in the Spirit we will have to agree with Him; and if we don’t agree, guess which one of us will have to make changes to continue the walk?


Walking in the Spirit will mean that I will cultivate sensitivity to hearing His voice.  There will be times I will not depend upon my own human reasoning and logic because I have the Lord’s word on a matter.  Walking in the Spirit will mean I will exercise humility and dependence upon Him.  I am mini, I recognize and acknowledge that He is mighty; I yield to Him. 

Walking in the Spirit will mean that I repent when He convicts me of sin in my life.  I will not dig in and make excuses but will turn to Him for forgiveness and cleansing of my heart.  I will also forgive those whom He shows me that I have failed to forgive.  I will seek reconciliation if there has been a breach in a relationship.

Walking in the Spirit will keep my focus upon the Lord, not on pleasing man, even if it is someone I want to impress. Walking in the Spirit means that I lay aside my agenda and seek the Lord’s agenda; I lay aside my desires and seek the Lord’s desires.  Walking in the Spirit requires perseverance.

Walking in the Spirit will mean that the Holy Spirit is my teacher, my comforter, my companion. I will abide, remain, dwell with Him. Walking in the Spirit is about my daily hidden choices.  It is about letting peace rule in my heart. 

Walking in the Spirit will mean that I do not seek revenge but bless and curse not, even when I have been deeply hurt. As far as is possible, I will seek to be at peace with all people. I will not let unwholesome words flow from my mouth, but will build others up in a timely way with my words.

These are just a few examples of what this walk in the Spirit will look like.


Some days taking this walk won’t be easy.  Sometimes I would rather read about the nutritious food I should eat than actually eat it.  Sometimes I would rather read about hearing God’s voice than quieting myself and listening to Him.  But, some days you just have to put your walking shoes on and take that first step.  Mini steps will lead to Mighty in the Spirit. Let the rubber meet the road. 

Let us pray…

O Lord, we thank you that becoming mighty in the Spirit is something you invite each one of us to do and it is as simple as taking a walk.  Give us the grace to take you up on this invitation today.  Help us to lay aside the things that are clamoring for our attention, distracting us from following You.  Show us the path that you have for us this day that we may walk with you step by step.