The Lies We Believe

The lies we believe deeply affect us.  In last week’s podcast I told you about the lie that I had believed since the day I was born when I was badly burned.  I believed the lie that I was rejected. I can look back now and see how that lie influenced and shaped the way I lived. For years I didn’t know I was living out of that lie, because it felt like the truth!  That is the power of deception.

How do we get these lies?  When we experience a traumatic event, especially when we are very young and our spirits are unguarded, the enemy of our souls (who does not play fair) plants a lie in our hearts.  The lie matches or makes sense of the trauma/injury.  In my case I was badly burned within minutes of being born.  The lie I received was that I had been rejected.  Do you see how the lie matched the trauma?  

In our podcast this week we look at the story of another woman who also lived out of the lie that she was rejected --- and the sweet way the Lord brought His truth and healing to her.  Rejection is not the only lie that the enemy of our souls plants in our hearts when we are hurt, but it seems to be one of his favorites, I think, because it works so well.  

A few examples of the lies that are implanted in our spirits when we are deeply hurt are,  “I am all alone”, “I can never trust anyone”, “I have to be tough”, “It would be better if I had never been born”, “I am a failure”, “I am unworthy”, “I am not good enough”, and “No one will ever love me”.

As we discussed last week, one of the main ways that we know to uncover these lies is when we overreact. But overreaction is not our only response to a lie in our spirit.  Other responses to look for are when we feel shut down or immobilized, anxious or fearful, full of dread or hopelessness, feel persecuted or trapped.  Responses such as these to a current situation can be red flags signaling we need to take a deeper look and see if we have a wound in our spirit.

Another way to notice the lies in our spirits is when we have a pattern of thinking that is a common reaction to a situation.  Some of those thoughts are, “Here we go again”, “This always happens to me” I will never be able to….” Or “Why do I even exist?”  These responses help us to know that we should look beneath the surface of our current situation to find a wound in our spirit.  Remember that when the Lord reveals a wound it is because He wants to heal it.

When something is stirring us up or we are responding in one of the ways just described, we turn to the Lord, asking Him for the memory of maybe the first time we ever felt this same way. As you wait on Him, He will bring up a memory, don’t discount it if it seems insignificant.  Ask the Lord to come into the memory and bring His light, His truth.  Wait on Him until He brings His truth. This may take a while of simply waiting. *

As He answers, many times people will see a light, or they will sense or see Jesus in the scene of the memory.  Some people will simply “know” what the Lord wants them to know. The Lord will bring you the truth about that day.  He doesn’t change the facts that really happened, but He will give you His perspective and that will change the way you view that event/memory.  In my case, I had always thought that being burned had not affected me.  The truth that the Lord brought to me was that I had felt rejected that day.  He asked me if I wanted to be healed (of the pain of rejection), I said yes, and it felt like an unseen hand moved to release a tight kink deep in my gut. The Lord brought His truth and that dispelled the lie. The wound was healed.

The wonderful thing is that when the Lord brings His truth, you don’t have to work at it to be healed.  You just are.  There is no homework.  In fact the truth so replaces the lie that you cannot get back to it. This week in the podcast I tell the story of how I saw this happen in my life.

The lie is replaced with the truth. This is similar to when you picture in your mind what a place looks like before you have ever been there.  And then when you arrive and see what it really looks like, you can barely remember how you had imagined it.  Because you now have the reality, the truth, you can’t go back to the illusion, the lie.

The lies we believe deeply affect us.  Let’s walk out of those lies into the truth. 

Thank You, Lord, that your desire for each one of us is that we walk in the truth ---not just that we tell the truth but that truth reigns in our inner life.  We ask You to reveal any place where we are believing a lie about ourselves or about life.  Bring us your truth. Give us the courage to follow you into freedom.  May Your peace rule in our hearts.

In Jesus precious name,


*It may be too difficult to do this on your own.  Last week I shared about Lydia’s House and Serenity Retreat --two places where you can go for healing prayer.  Another wonderful place is Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida,