In our podcast this week I talk about the first time I experienced inner healing.  I remember that day so well. Not only did I receive healing of a spiritual wound I had lived with my whole life, but also I embarked on a journey learning about inner healing and how to pray for others and myself in this area.  I want to share some of what I have learned with you today.

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Who needs inner healing?  I have learned that we all need inner healing, every single one of us! This is because we all receive emotional wounds, particularly in our childhoods when we are very vulnerable ---even those of us with wonderful parents and happy childhoods.  Whether it is a huge traumatic event or something as seemingly benign as a confrontation on the playground, our spirits, the silent observer within us, examine everything that happens to us.   When we are hurt, our spirits take the hit. 

Not only are we hurt, but also the enemy of our souls, who doesn’t play fair, brings us a lie that “fits” our pain.  It may be something like, “You are rejected.”  Or “You can never trust a man.”  Or “You are a loser, you might as well give up.”  We believe that lie and begin to live out of it.  We take up strategies to live in a way that will protect us from further hurt in this area. Those strategies may work for a while but inevitably we will get hurt in a similar way; our unhealed wound gets hit again.  

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How do I know I need inner healing?  When we get hurt in that same area where we have an unhealed wound we will over over-react. In real time, we know that we shouldn’t feel this stirred up, but we just can’t help it!  When we over-react to something that happens in our present life, this is a clue that there just may be something behind the over-reaction that the Lord wants to heal. 

An example from my life….

Long before I knew about this, I had a classic case of being stirred up.  It seems like an insignificant incident but it is instructive. I remember it so well.  A new grocery store had opened up and I decided to do my major shopping for the week there.  I filled up a grocery cart and went thru the check out line, only to have the clerk tell me that he could not cash my check. (Yes, this was a long time ago and I actually wrote checks for my groceries!) I left the full grocery cart and went out to my car to leave, but I started crying, and crying and crying. I tried to leave the parking lot, but I had to pull over because the very thought of him telling me he wouldn’t cash my check made me start crying all over again.   Can you see the red flag waving?  If I had known then, what I know now, I might have noticed my over-reaction and gone for some prayer. We would have discovered the huge unhealed wound of rejection that I received the day I was born.  (You can learn more about that in this week’s podcast.)

So pay attention when you have a reaction to something in your every day life that, even you know, is too big.  I can just bet that there is a wound way down deep in your spirit from long ago that life today is hitting up against.  

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Where do I go for inner healing?   We go to the Lord in prayer.  We turn to him with our over-reaction asking Him for the memory of the first time we ever felt this same way. When we have a memory (which sometimes seems insignificant), we ask the Lord to come into the memory and bring His light, His truth.  Then we wait on Him.  We wait until He brings His truth. This may take a while of simply waiting.  

As He answers, many times people will see a light, or they will sense or see Jesus in the scene of the memory.  Some people will simply “know” what the Lord wants them to know.   The Lord will bring the truth about that day.  He doesn’t change the facts that really happened, but He will give you His perspective and that will change the way you view that event/memory.  This brings healing to the wound.  Peace will be the predominant feeling when you look back at the memory. The Lord brings His truth that dispels the lie that the enemy had planted.  The truth sets you free!  

I have had many times where I have turned to the Lord in prayer by myself and received this light and truth and healing as I considered a painful memory.  But sometimes, the memory is too painful and I cannot “stay” in it long enough to see what the Lord wants to do.  You may need to meet with trusted friends to pray with you for your specific issue as I often do.*  Inner healing is worth it! 

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Why seek inner healing?  When the Lord brings you His truth the sting of the memory is healed, the lie is gone and you will experience His peace, His perfect peace. It takes courage, strength and time to face past hurts and to invite the Lord to bring His healing, but it is so worth it!

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Heavenly Father, 

I thank you that you know everything about each one of us including every spiritual wound that we have carried, some of us for a very long time.  Thank you that you want to bring your truth and healing to our specific spiritual wounds. I ask you to begin this process this week by showing us when we are stirred up.   Thank you that when you reveal a wound it is because you want to heal it.  I pray that as we go though these lessons we won’t just learn about inner healing but we will experience inner healing.

In Jesus’ precious name,


* For those of you in the Houston/Brenham area you may make a prayer appointment for inner healing prayer at Lydia’s House at lydiashousebrenham.com and Serenity Retreat at serenityretreat.com.